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The Network is an ultra-informative network of web sites dedicated to serving the online waterfowl enthusiasts of the world.  The hub of the network is  A site packed with more information about hunting and calling ducks and geese you'll not find.  Nor will you find a more comprehensive network of waterfowl hunting sites, working together in order to provide maximum reach in terms of broadcasting our information and providing exposure to our sponsors. 

To see what we are all about, please visit any of the sites listed below.  For advertising/sponsorship infomation, please contact us through


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The Network of Sites:
CallingDucks.comThe hub of the CallingDucks Network
forums.callingducks.comThe Forums of
TNDucks.comTHE Online Source for Tennessee Waterfowl Hunters
CallingDucks.netThe main site for the CallingDucks Network

The Network
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